Published Work


Feast: Mongolia
A dispatch of adventurous gastronomy from Mongolia. Words and photos.
Wend Magazine

The Commute is the Thing: The Art of Travel Involved in Traveling
Wend Magazine

Cover Photo
Wend Magazine

Going West in a 1977 Westfalia
Everywhere Magazine, Issue 3

Cut and Paste, Indian Style
Everywhere Magazine, Issue 2

China’s Chinese Theme Park
Everywhere Magazine, Issue 2


Leap of Faith
A family embraces the unknown to build a pair of houses for the distant future.
Portland Spaces Magazine

Here Comes The Sun
A clever sunroom remodel heats an entire home, year-round.
Portland Spaces Magazine

James Frank, Master Builder Profile
Portland Spaces Magazine

Den of Zen – Coworking Office Spaces
Portland Spaces Magazine


Modular bio copy for Stubborn Stiles

Overview and about copy for Elsa + Sam

Greeting card copy for Tinder Mill

Strategy and production management for online content at

Instagram Horoscope praise on Design Taxi

A kindness from Flavorwire

An interview in Newsweek

An AP English student’s review of a humor piece I wrote

A mention of Reason to Wander in the Boston Globe