We were away from everything when the clocks changed. On Friday and Saturday everyone talked about it a lot, what was going to happen with the time while we were out here in the wilderness. We decided that because we were away from everything, we could change the clocks whenever we wanted. Three would be just two. Dinner would be early. Our shadows would be shorter on the path cut through tall, dry grass. But we didn’t actually change the clocks yet, we just talked about it.

The night that it happened, when the clocks changed, we were obviously asleep. Some people were sleeping on the cabin floor, soothed by the static snow that fell on screen after the recording of the Valley of the Dolls quit. It was about 25 or 6 to two in the morning then. Someone draped a blanket on the ones on the floor and it could have been any old moment in their dreams, right then, when they felt a little warmer. Maybe they were on a beach in Saint-Tropez when the clocks changed.

I don’t remember where I was when it happened.

A funny thing though. When we woke up the next day, right at first not a single one of us remembered that the clocks had changed. None of us remembered, even though we had talked about it for two days. Instead we looked at our clocks and didn’t feel so bad about our motivations. That’s a gift, you know.

I rolled back over to disappear again until there was chatter downstairs and the smell of a coffee grinder filled a rich brass meal bell that rang like old times. James told a story about how this one time, the entire country of Russia decided not to change the clocks because they worried it would confuse everyone. So the Russians went to sleep that night–quite confident about their Russian time–and when they woke the next morning they discovered that their technology had changed the clocks anyway. All of their technology had been animated by people who believed in changing the clocks. The Russians went crazy, of course, and a couple minutes later our breakfast drifted out of the kitchen right on time.

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