Rejected Google Doodles

80th Anniversary of the Invention of the Parking Meter
National Egg Salad Week
122nd Birthday of Bill Edmonds, First Member of the Columbia House Record Club
Anniversary of Marie Antoinette’s Beheading (France only)
400 Years of Enemas
100th Anniversary of First Documented “Yo Mama” Joke
Birthday of Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light (Select U.S. states only)
Internet Addiction Awareness Month
10,000 Years of Domesticated Wheat
Happy Birthday Big Mouth Billy Bass!
The Brisbane Cockroach Race Winners (Australia only)
Anniversary of the “Balloon Boy” Hoax
Timesheet Due Day
75th Anniversary of the Invention of Styrofoam
Commemorating Memorable Sports Riots
35th Anniversary of the End of The VHS – Betamax Videotape Format War
Ben Affleck’s 200th Birthday (8/15/2172)
90 Years of Thom McAn Footwear

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