Picture Yourself Making Memories in Places like Houston, St. Louis and Much More

With fares this low, it’s never been easier to visit all the American places you never dreamed you’d go. Cincinnati. Have you been? It’s over there.That’s right, Cincinnati is only two hours away, but when you arrive you will feel like you have traveled at least four hours. Where else can you get that sense of lost time, of journey and lonesome, dusty passage. Wichita? No my friend. Wichita is too close. Turn around. Wichita is standing behind you right now.

In the old days, people used to join the army in order to leave home. Can you believe that? The fare was cheap though, the cost of a bullet ripped through the life of a faceless enemy. All you had to do was lie in some ditch, night after night, waiting for a shadow to move across a field. Then aim. Then shoot. Then when you approached his body, slumped over a thick trunk of old oak, you found a billfold full of pictures of his children. A letter to a young wife named Gretchen. And several dollars in local currency. You could keep that money if you wanted to. Your buddies wouldn’t say a word to sarge.

Hey, we’ve just thought of another place you can go. Omaha. Have you been? They have an airport.

Of course if your budget isn’t ready for Omaha there is one more place to consider. This place is actually paying people to vacation there. There’s a catch though. You have to stay for two years. You also have to purchase a home within the city limits and marry a local citizen. That sounds weird right? It’s not though, not after you’ve been there for about a year. This place really grows on you, like other people’s children. Have you guessed where it is? Knoxville? Whoa, that’s a good guess. But you’re wrong. It’s Amarillo.

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