Carved Pumpkin Fantasy League Draft Results


Team Name: The Great Motherfucking Pumpkins
Team Slogan: Good grief motherfucker
Classic Smiling Pumpkin (One Tooth)
Howling Wolf Pumpkin
Jesus Pumpkin
Death Star Pumpkin
Stem-Nosed Winking Pumpkin
Jay Leno Pumpkin
Sleepy/Stoned Pumpkin


Team Name: The Brett Carvres
Team Slogan: Nevre surrendre
Worried Pumpkin
Barack Obama Pumpkin
Mudflap Naked Female Silhouette Pumpkin
Pirate Pumpkin
Classic Sad Pumpkin
Murdered Pumpkin (Knife in Head)
American Flag Pumpkin


Team Name: Gourd Morning America
Team Slogan: Wake up to the pain
Vomiting Pumpkin
Che Guevara Pumpkin
Scary Spider Pumpkin
Classic Sheet Ghost Pumpkin
Harry Potter Character Pumpkin
Angry Eyebrow Pumpkin
Kanye West Pumpkin


Team Name: Right to Knife
Team Slogan: It’s more of a stabbing pain
Classic Smiling Pumpkin (Rotten/Moldy)
Surprised Pumpkin
Tall/Skinny Wacky Face Pumpkin
Classic Dracula Pumpkin
Michael Jackson Pumpkin
Crescent Moon Pumpkin
Spooky Tree Pumpkin


Team Name: I Seed Dead People
Team Slogan: Choking hazard, bitches
Classic Smiling Pumpkin (Three Teeth)
Twilight: The Movie Pumpkin
Scared Cat Pumpkin
New York Yankees Pumpkin
Frankenstein Pumpkin
Regis Philbin Pumpkin
Hitler Pumpkin

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