Your Newest Painting May Actually Be Crap

A man wearing a fanny pack and sandals has described it as “fresh” or “daring”

Your audience is no longer required to imagine Mariah Carey without clothing

It makes more sense when viewed in the presence of a live drum circle

You are attempting to redefine one or more of the following genres:
Bridges, Gazebos, Seascapes, Holidays, Inspirational, Lighthouses or “Memories”

You respond to the question, “What is it supposed to be?” by
saying either, “What do you think it is?” or “a terribly sad clown”

You had a really tough time getting that glow-in-the-dark macaroni glued on

It is a graphic depiction of your mother’s vagina

One Response to “Your Newest Painting May Actually Be Crap”

  1. kate

    You just described every “piece” Jake and Zach have brought home from “arts and crafts” since kindergarten began. Yes, including the last one.

    We encourage free expression in our household.


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