The Cows May Have Come Home

Unexplained increase in long-distance calls to
unfamiliar Midwestern towns

Bathroom reading material appears lightly chewed

New soy milk repeatedly found in trash

Somehow, hay in the bed

Meats in freezer labeled “Disappointing” and “Unfortunate”

Unannounced visits by polite members of local Hindu Temple

Uncle Frank asking if “anyone else smells that”
more often than usual

At night, the soft rustle of tail switching through open windows

3 Responses to “The Cows May Have Come Home”

  1. Chelsie

    Nice! You should read this at the local coffee house poetry jam and ring a large cow bell between lines.

  2. Fussy

    The only thing worse than a poetry jam is a poetry slam. You heard me.

  3. kate

    I’m telling you, with the exception of hay in the bed, this could be titled “Kate May Have Moved In”. UNCANNY…

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