Common Work Phrase or Sexual Euphemism?

1. “We welcome your rebuttal”

2. “I’m a big fan of direct deposit”

3. “We should tell them where to park it – they may have a lot to unload.”

4. “A little later in the meeting, Paul’s going to fill us all in, right Paul?”

5. “You have a visitor downstairs”

6. “OK, I’ll be finished in five minutes”

7. “We ask that you please NOT attempt to stuff oversized packages into people’s inboxes.”

8. “You know Shirley in Finance? She and I had sex on this table once.”

Work Phrase: 1, 3, 4, 6
Sexual Euphemism: 2, 5, 7, 8

6 Responses to “Common Work Phrase or Sexual Euphemism?”

  1. Shirley In Finance

    Nice move, Steve. Telling everybody we had sex on that table once. Once? Do you forget about the Quarter Four FY03 Shareholder’s meeting? I see you’re not thinking outside my box.

  2. ss

    Wasn’t it Hennessee? God she was an awful manager.

  3. kate

    I have one to add: “Katie, I need you down here right now.”

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